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82: Calming Your Nervous System

82: Calming Your Nervous System

Wow, friends.

These are interesting, challenging AND exciting times. Are you feeling it? Are you going through a lot of change or are you noticing others in your life going through it?

One of the most common questions I have received lately is this:

“How can I calm my nerves and cope with the anxiety or grief I’m feeling right now?”

Even if you aren’t personally experiencing anxiety or grief, if you are reading these words I know you are a sensitive, empathic soul, so you can probably sense and feel it from those around you.

It’s a lot right now, and we ALL could use some reminders when it comes to navigating the changes and overwhelm we are going through as a collective.

In today’s podcast episode 81: Calming Your Nervous System as You Go Through Change, I’m sharing simple, practical and powerful reminders on how to take good care of your nerves and move through the fight, flight or freeze that can happen when going through transition.

It’s a good one. Let me know what resonates with you!

Remember: you aren’t alone, you are designed to SHINE and you are more powerful than you realize.

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Other Links I Mentioned:

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield, The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, Flower Essences by Bach or The Flower Essence Society, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Be well and keep taking good care of YOU.

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