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A Free Spirit Life
83: Feeding Your Creative Soul

83: Feeding Your Creative Soul

Hello friends!

In today’s podcast episode, we’re exploring what it means to heal your inner child and why now is the time to feed your creative soul.

Are you feeling it? The change and big transformations going on in your life?

When we go through this amount of change, it can make life feel pretty serious. Heavy even. In the midst of great change, it’s good to laugh more, breath deeply and connect with like-hearted people so you can lighten your load.

This month is going so fast - action packed for so many. It’s an important time to take more pauses and notice what needs your attention in your life right now.

You are not alone, even though it feels like it sometimes.

Your path is a winding road, and it’s hard when we don’t know where it’s taking us. That’s also the adventure of life. This adventure is calling us to heal, learn, grow and evolve. It’s waking us up so we can remember and reconnect with our authentic essence - our truest nature.

You are on a sacred self-discovery journey of waking up.

It’s ok that it feels messy, confusing, unknown and even out of control.

We are learning the art of surrender, letting go and allowing our path to unfold. Not super easy, but with a perspective shift we can face life’s challenges with greater curiosity, wonder and an openness. This helps us experience a sense of ease and grace as we navigate change. That is the practice of receiving and allowing.

Our ego may have tantrums, gripping to the past and holding on for dear life. But we’ve been there. We know that life well - stuck in a state of survival mode and just trying to make it through. We’re done with just getting by.

The changes happening in your relationships, your career, your family and personal life, your health - it’s all here to teach you what you no longer need, to show you how far you’ve come, and to make space for the new to flourish.

It’s time to build a stronger foundation in your life. It’s time to honor your divine feminine and integrate it with mindful action.

Intuition, creativity, nurturing yourself, honoring your energy, prioritizing joy and making empowered choices in alignment with your authenticity are your greatest tools and best teachers at this time.

Exploring and healing your inner child and feeding your creative soul go hand-in-hand. We’ll explore these topics and so much more in this podcast episode.

Join me for The Artist’s Way exploration this summer, where I’ll be sprinkling in energy healing, sparking your creative spirit and feeding your soul. NO experience necessary. Simply come as you are.

In need of a personal healing session? Visit here to learn more.

Enjoy and keep taking good care of YOU.
With love,


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(And let me know how your “stuck” and “free” journal exercise goes! I share about this in today’s episode. Reach out to me on Instagram @afreespiritlife or email me at hello@shannonkinneyduh.com.)

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