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80: The Truth of Who You Are is Magic

80: The Truth of Who You Are is Magic

In today's podcast episode 80, let's dive into the truth of who you are - it's pure magic!

Let me start by saying, “I love you.” I remember a time several years ago when I was writing content for my website. I wanted to use the word "love," but one of my editors advised against it. I listened, but it didn't sit right with me at the time.

As agents of change in the world, love forms a significant part of what we're here to share. I see it as one of the shifting paradigms. We are longing for a more conscious world - a place in tune with unconditional love, where we freely exchange that love frequency with each other, even within the business and entrepreneurial world.

What happens as we begin to awaken? We start to feel love on a greater scale - for ourselves, our inner child, our past, nature, animals, family, even those who've caused us pain, and humanity as a whole.

It's as if our hearts expand, allowing us to experience emotions we've previously suppressed.

Through experiencing more love, we're guided to navigate life by feeling in a deeper way.

In allowing ourselves to feel, we open the door to healing and create space for more love. The more love we invite into our lives, the more inner peace and outer harmony we can see in life.

Maybe we've been conditioned to resist our natural rhythms and have lost sight of our soul's imprint. Yet, in our awakening process, we remember and reconnect with our soul's essence. It's always been there, obscured by the societal constructs dictating who we should be.

Are you content to continue living up to others' expectations, or are you ready to move down a new path? The new may be unfamiliar and even feel scary, but deep down, you know it's right.

The unknown path feels less daunting when we allow love to lead the way. It can even feel energizing and magical!

Waking up means remembering who you truly are meant to be in this lifetime and how you want to feel while living it.

As my son says, "I don't know what life is for, but I sure love living it."

Sometimes, amidst life's complexities, we forget to truly LIVE. The living part is where the magic happens. We'll explore this and more in today’s episode.

Enjoy the show!

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Feel free to share this episode with those who'd resonate with its message.

Be well, and thank you for being YOU.

With love,


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