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A Free Spirit Life
79: Connecting with Your True Self

79: Connecting with Your True Self

Hello there!

Let’s go on a nature walk talk together and use the power of our imagination.

In your mind, take yourself to your favorite place in nature and let’s explore what it feels like to BE connected to your true nature.

Where’s your favorite place in nature that wakes up your senses? That makes you feel alive? Where do you feel in tune with your heart-space?

At the ocean with your feet in the sand? Floating in a canoe on a still lake? Swirling and dancing in an open field of wildflowers?

Take yourself there today as we explore the energy shifts we all are experiencing right now. We are being invited to release old baggage, learn and heal from the past, and make space for more love and joy in our lives.

In today’s episode, we’ll explore the importance of grounding right now, like having a morning and evening ritual to set up for peaceful sleep, as well as how to go with the flow, ignite our passions and make space to spark new beginnings.

There is an anticipation and excitement, along with overwhelm, confusion and burnout, that many of us are feeling right now. How are you feeling?

Let’s talk about the shifts and changes we are going through, and the importance of tuning in and connecting to our true selves. It’s a beautiful time to be extra tender with our hearts as we learn, grow and bust through old paradigms to discover a whole new world - from the inside out.

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Thanks for listening.

Be well and keep taking good care of yourself.

With love,


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A Free Spirit Life
A Free Spirit Life
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