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75: The Magic of a New Year

75: The Magic of a New Year

Happy 2024!

I’m feeling hopeful about the New Year. How about you?

We are going through a collective upheaval, and whether you feel the changes happening more in your personal life, in your community or globally, you may find yourself in the “space between.”

We see the transformation happening. We see what we no longer want in our lives, yet we aren’t quite living in the newness.

There is something that happens when we welcome a New Year. Can you feel the hope and magic that a New Year brings?

We’ve been conditioned to think this is a good time to set resolutions. I feel it’s a better time to make space for stillness, solitude and reflection.

Questions to reflect on or journal about this time of year:

What did 2023 teach me?
What did I learn about myself?
How did I grow?

What were my life lessons in this past year?
What am I ready to invite in the New Year?

If you are experiencing the season of winter, you are being called to slow down and return to your own natural pace. It’s a beautiful time to tune in and deeply listen to your heart.

Where is your intuition guiding you to go in this moment?
What does your heart and soul long for?

Your natural rhythm matters. Your dreams matter.

And remember this…YOU ARE MAGIC.

2024 is THE YEAR to let your divine light, your authentic power and your innate magic guide you in life.

I am so excited to see where this year takes us both. Be well and keep taking good care of YOU. Enjoy this new Podcast Episode.

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