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77: Showing Up For Your Dreams

77: Showing Up For Your Dreams

Hi there!

I’m sharing a personal story today on the podcast about how following my heart hasn’t always been easy, and how even just yesterday I was triggered by something a loved one said to me. It brought up anger. And I realized I had to make space to honor that anger.

In making space to honor our feelings, we make space for healing.

Also, when we are on the verge of a shift, something big and great happening, or about to make progress or experience momentum, the Universe and the people in our lives often test us.

When we don’t have that challenge, tension or pressure, we tend to stay so comfortable that we stop growing. But the challenges we face aren’t easy and usually not welcome in the moment!

When we get to a place where something big is about to happen, something often comes along that feels as though it’s derailing us. We often feel in those moments we should just give up or quit.

I had a moment yesterday that made me feel like quitting. But as you’ll hear in this new episode, after releasing my anger, reflecting on it and having a good night’s sleep, I see now that the triggering moment is helping me step more fully into my power and is propelling me to keep showing up for my dreams.

My inspiration for you today is don’t give up. Remember the challenges you face are here to help you grow beyond your wildest dreams.

The shift is here. You are changing. Your life is changing. The world is changing.

Change can bring up fear, but remember what the flip side of fear is…PASSION. When you feel the fear coming up as you dream big and see your life changing, look at that fear as energy. Releasing that energy and looking through the lens of curiosity will help you break the pattern, so you can heal from that lesson and move forward.

You may be noticing some repeat patterns or cycles coming up to the surface in your life right now. Make space to honor your feelings. Release them. Learn from them.

And…do not give up on your dreams. SHOW UP for your life today with love.

You matter. Your dreams matter. And new beginnings are on the horizon.

Listen to my new podcast episode 77: Showing Up For Your Dreams as we explore more together. Be well, my friend.

With love,


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