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76: Spring Energy Reset

76: Spring Energy Reset

Hello, beautiful you.

I’m excited to be back on the podcast! I like to go into my creative cave in the winter and am now feeling the nudge from the upcoming Spring energy that it’s time to emerge. :)

As we are hitting March 2024, there is a new energy shift happening. Can you feel it? Maybe you feel it as people and things in your life don’t “fit” anymore. Maybe you feel it as you can’t put up with that irritating stuff you used to. Maybe you feel it as an electrical charge, propelling you to make changes in your life and move forward.

Spring symbolizes new beginnings and there is definitely new energy here to help us make some changes.

This is a good time to observe where you put your energy and what you focus on in the day.

Are you giving energy to your inner critic? Do you tend to blame others for the state of your life? Are you focusing on healing, growth and ways to manifest your wildest dreams?

What you focus on and where you put your energy matters.

This time we are in right now is one for the books. You might hear this time being referred to as the New Earth, 5D Consciousness, The Age of Aquarius or the Creative Revolution. Whatever we call it, we know we can feel that greater change is on the horizon in our personal lives and in the world.

We are waking up to our truer selves - to a more love-filled life, rather than staying stuck rooted in survival mode.

We know what it feels like when we’re just getting by. We are feeling really done with that kind of living. We want to live in alignment with our true self and in union with our true purpose so we enjoy greater flow, ease and harmony.

It starts by loving yourself and paying attention to what you focus on.

Ask yourself: Where is my authentic self guiding me to go next on my path?

Enjoy this topic and more in this newest episode and thanks for listening!

Remember…you are designed to SHINE.

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Thanks for listening and keep taking great care of yourself.


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