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74: Taking a New Breath; Awakening Your Dreams

74: Taking a New Breath; Awakening Your Dreams

Podcast Episode 74 is now ready!

Hi friends,

I’m writing today to share that my newest podcast episode 74 is now available: Taking a New Breath; Awakening Your Dreams.

In this episode, I share how patience is a spiritual practice, and it’s my least favorite one! :) Sometimes life feels like a gentle ride and other times it’s a little too wild for my taste. Regardless, we have opportunities to heal, grow and practice patience along the way.

Awakening isn’t usually the “easy” path. But with patience, presence and practice, we start to see that truly waking up is a beautiful gift - and it becomes the only way.

When you are a visionary, an intuitive, highly sensitive, empathic, have a big heart and see clearly the future ahead, it can make this moment feel lonely and discouraging, because what you envision isn’t quite here.

Yet, that truly is the spiritual path. To see the vision of where we’re heading, to let your intuition, heart and soul guide you, and still be able to see the beauty - even in the mess.

I’ve been feeling the tug of waking up from the past, seeing the future clearly and then knowing being present really is the only way.

Ahh…surrendering is yet another spiritual practice that our egos want to kick and scream about. :)

I’m sharing this today because I’m proud of you. I see you waking up. I see you choosing a new path. I see how your positive outlook on life and your open heart brings more enthusiasm and joy to the everyday. I see you finding peace in the middle of the chaos.

And, I also see how your humanness gets tired sometimes. I see how discouraging it can feel when you know there’s a better way, and yet, you’re not quite where you see your dream is taking you.

There is a mass awakening happening. We are waking up from a world that taught us how to fit in, how to be, and how to hide our true uniqueness.

Having a spiritual awakening and moving into a love-filled consciousness - you see what life can be when joy, peace, harmony and unconditional love are a constant, where we uplift and encourage each other, and where our uniqueness shines brightly.

We need the trailblazers and the free spirits - like you - in this world. In your quiet and gentle ways, or in your loud and extroverted ways of being you.

Living and leading with love is revolutionary. And NOW is the time for that revolution. What a joy to be a part of it.

Make sure you are unplugging when you need to, getting rest and slowing down, grounding in nature, connecting with like-minded kindreds, tending to your needs, drinking water and honoring your energy during the ups and downs.

Times are changing, and know you aren’t alone in it. Do what you need to do to enjoy this wild ride.

You matter. Your uniqueness matters. Keep shining a light on your true gifts. I talk about all of this and more in this podcast episode, including how knowing your unique energy map helps you remember who you really are.

Enjoy listening to this Episode 74: Taking a New Breath; Awakening Your Dreams.

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Thank you for being you. It’s time to take a new breath and awaken your dreams.

With love,



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